• The Central Library -a proud partner in the institute’s march towards its vision plays a vital role in acquisition, organization, and dissemination of knowledge. It has put in place policies and procedures, systems and services, and the ambiance that facilitate creation of new knowledge.

    Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology Central Library is a well-stocked library, containing all the latest editions of the publications related to the curricula, enable the students to enhance their knowledge in different topics and subjects taught in their courses. The latest periodicals, journals and other publications are also being provided for constant updating in the latest development in the field of Science and Technology


    The library is for the use of the students, faculty and staff members of the Institution and of the Member of the Academic institution.


    The Library has developed an excellent collection of Books, Journals & other non book materials.There are different discipline books like Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Science, and Civil Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Environment Science, English Communication, and others are available in the library. Besides this, some reference and carrier guidance books (Conventional & Non- Conventional) are available for ready reference.

    Good number of technical journals are being provided for constant updating of the latest developments in the field of science and advanced engineering technology. There are some popular magazines and books to supplement the needs for competitive examinations.

  • Reading facilities for all members and non-members on permission
    Borrowing facility for student and staff
    Journals access (Printed & E-journals)
    Searching facility through Web OPAC
    Reference services
    Reprographic or document supply service to all including outstation users
    Reference book and IS code available
    Questions papers (previous year) & CDs available.
    Digital library facility: Access E-books, Audio-Video Lectures, Online journals

    Membership Form     Book Requisition Form

  •  The Library will remain open on all days except Sunday and other holidays.
     The Library hours normally between 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
     Every borrower must examine a book during borrowing time carefully and bring to the notice to library staff in the case of mutilation, defacement or damage etc. otherwise last borrower will be held responsible.
     Students who fail to return books within the due date will have to pay a fine of Rs.1.00 per day per book.
     Fine will also be charged for loss of Central Library Card.
     Book lost by the borrower would have to be replaced by latest edition and in the case of an out-of –print books, three times the price there of is to be paid.
     No user shall bring non-member friends in the Library.
     Discussion, gossiping, sleeping, smoking, loitering within library premises are strictly prohibited.
     Talking in Mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the Library Premises.
     Silence shall be strictly maintained within the library premises.
     Students will not be allowed in the Library Reading room without Library Membership Card.
     Without requisition slip, properly filled by the students, no book will be issued to them, whether for lending or for reference
     Users may write their comments to improve the service of the library either in the feedback to suggestion box.
  • Name Designation Qualification
    Bapan Kumar Maity Assistant Librarian NET Qualified , MLIS , B.Sc
    Shampa Sarkar Assistant Librarian  MLIS , MA
    Bimal Barui Librarian   Assistant MLIS , MA
    Debiprasad Mallik Librarian   Assistant B.Sc (H)
    Adhyatma Roy Library  Assistant BLIS , BA

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